• Debunking Common Misconceptions About Accountability in Early Childhood Education Settings

    By Colin SlatteryJune 30, 2023

    Accountability in early childhood education is an area that often invokes a range of emotions, from trepidation to confusion. It is an integral component of quality assurance processes, yet it remains surrounded by several misconceptions. This post aims to shed light on these misunderstandings and provide practical strategies to debunk them, encouraging a more accurate … Read more

  • Uncovering Your Leadership Potential: The Value of Hogan Leadership Assessments

    By Colin SlatteryJune 23, 2023

    Unlock your leadership potential with the Hogan Leadership Assessment Series. In our latest blog post, we delve into how this comprehensive tool can enhance your self-awareness, guide your career goals, and aid in your ongoing development. Discover how to take your leadership skills to the next level and drive your organisation’s success.


    By Anthony SemannSeptember 1, 2022

    Academic Matt Alvesson and his colleagues coined the term functional stupidity to refer to the phenomenon where people in an organisation do precisely what is expected of them uncritically and follow the unspoken rules without pausing for thought. In observing such practices, they no longer challenge the rules or conventions because they believe what is … Read more

  • Living in the Arena: Courageous Leadership

    By Michelle WalkerJuly 27, 2020

    ‘If you are not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback!’        Brene Brown. Living in the ‘Arena’ of leadership means you are going to get dirty; you are going to fail, and not everyone is going to agree with what you do or say. In my 25 years … Read more

  • Be the architect of your setting

    By Philip ButlerJune 19, 2020

    When thinking about what role you might want to play in your setting, whether it be as the Director, co-educator, teacher or educational leader, you have the opportunity to dramatically influence the environment and the people around you if you choose to. “I would like to put forward the revolutionary idea that all teachers can … Read more

  • Creating a thinking organisation

    By Anthony Semann

    Recently I was facilitating a professional development program and posed the following question to the participants ‘Do you define your workplace as a thinking organisation’. This question was met with silence. As such I presented a follow up question, ‘Imagine this, if we were to see employees as a knowledge library, how many books are … Read more