INSPIRE 2025: Early Bird Registrations Now Open

We are proud to present Pedagogy+. Our thinking was to create a magazine that fosters critical thinking and stimulates conversations to advance the theory and practice of pedagogy in early education settings. The design, an in-house production, brings together the thinking of highly respected and knowledgeable education experts in an accessible and sophisticated magazine.

Each edition explores a range of topics related to the practice of teaching with a focus on a particular theme. ‘Listening with…’ and ‘Under the spotlight…’ are regular features where each issue, we will interview an inspirational leader and ask some quirky ‘life’ questions of a well-known individual.

Printed on 100% recycled paper, the pages of Pedagogy+ brim with inspiring articles, candid conversations, the latest trends, and lifestyle treats – our brief is to foster critical thinking and stimulate conversations that can advance the theory and practice of pedagogy in early education settings and to encourage you to think about you.


To purchase a digital subscription or individual digital copies, and to view our FREE end of year digital issues – download the Pedagogy+ app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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