• Authentic Conversations in Early Childhood Education: A Guide for Parents and Educators

    By Colin Slattery July 14, 2023

    In early childhood education, there are many moments of joy and learning. But, just as in life, there are also moments of challenge and complexity. One such moment is when parents and educators need to discuss a child’s development or behaviour that may be of concern. Whilst these conversations are often difficult for parents to … Read more

  • The Art of Feedback: A Guide for Early Education and Care Settings

    By Colin Slattery July 7, 2023

    In early education and care settings, effective feedback is a fundamental ingredient in creating a positive and productive working environment. It’s a two-way street that doesn’t just occur between educators and parents or guardians, but also among educators themselves and between managers and their staff. This article will explore the process of giving and receiving … Read more

  • Debunking Common Misconceptions About Accountability in Early Childhood Education Settings

    By Colin Slattery June 30, 2023

    Accountability in early childhood education is an area that often invokes a range of emotions, from trepidation to confusion. It is an integral component of quality assurance processes, yet it remains surrounded by several misconceptions. This post aims to shed light on these misunderstandings and provide practical strategies to debunk them, encouraging a more accurate … Read more

  • Uncovering Your Leadership Potential: The Value of Hogan Leadership Assessments

    By Colin Slattery June 23, 2023

    Unlock your leadership potential with the Hogan Leadership Assessment Series. In our latest blog post, we delve into how this comprehensive tool can enhance your self-awareness, guide your career goals, and aid in your ongoing development. Discover how to take your leadership skills to the next level and drive your organisation’s success.

  • Goal Setting in Early Childhood Settings

    By Colin Slattery February 13, 2023

    Setting goals is a crucial element in any educational context, fostering an environment conducive to structured learning and growth. It guides learners towards the acquisition of key skills and knowledge while promoting self-confidence and motivation. Moreover, clear and attainable goals provide a sense of direction, facilitating a deeper understanding of progress and achievement.


    By Anthony Semann January 25, 2023

    It is inevitable that from time to time you will face a clash of perspectives with your colleagues. Is this a good or bad things? Well ultimately it depends on how you handle the situation and if diplomacy not ego takes control of what awaits.  Parker Palmer once wrote that ‘we teach who we are’, and … Read more

  • Getting the year off to the right start

    By Colin Slattery

    For teachers and educators in early childhood education and care settings, a strong start to the new year is essential. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the sector, it is important to set clear goals; prioritise self-care; build strong relationships with parents and families; stay current with best practice and research, and cultivate … Read more


    By Anthony Semann September 1, 2022

    When we consider what constitutes ‘quality’, my mind immediately goes to the question, ‘what difference do we make to the lives of children?’  We know education makes a difference, and it is through this intervention we know as ‘early childhood education’ that children encounter new ideas, theories and knowledge. However, not all teaching leads to … Read more


    By Anthony Semann

    Academic Matt Alvesson and his colleagues coined the term functional stupidity to refer to the phenomenon where people in an organisation do precisely what is expected of them uncritically and follow the unspoken rules without pausing for thought. In observing such practices, they no longer challenge the rules or conventions because they believe what is … Read more

  • Starting school: what will you share with families?

    By Kristy O'Toole October 18, 2021

    Here is where I would begin: As you and your child begin to consider starting school you may well feel a wave of emotions. Completely expected, it is a big change. Of course, you want these emotions to be positive but remember it is okay if you have some worries or concerns. Starting school is … Read more