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Semann & Slattery is a boutique consultancy with over 25 years working in the early and primary education and community sector. We are researchers, facilitators of professional learning and thought leaders. As evidenced by our work and informed by evidence-based research and innovative thinking, we are committed to progressing contemporary, equitable and ethical practices. We teach that education and knowledge have the power to transform.


Often asked how Semann & Slattery came into being, there is no temptation to make up a story of some well-planned business model and long term investment strategy. The truth is that the business was born out of a desire to create positive change. This desire to make a difference has been the fuel that has kept Colin Slattery and Anthony Semann going for 25 years. With their diverse qualifications and experience, they leverage the wisdom and knowledge of each other and the team to ensure they positively impact their clients and the communities they work alongside.

Anthony Semann is an agent of change. After qualifying as an early childhood teacher, Anthony spent his early career working in long day care. Eager to learn as much as he could about practice and people, he built his pedagogical knowledge and developed his skills in fostering relationships. Early on, Anthony also discovered the importance of equity and social justice as a driving force in social change. His desire for learning remains apparent, so too does his commitment to naming inequity, shifting practice towards justice and living a life that embodies all that he preaches.

Colin Slattery is a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. With qualifications in health science, statistics, psychology, to name but a few, he brings a measured and thoughtful approach to his work. Having spent a large part of his early career in the disability sector, Colin understands change and transformation at an individual and organisational level. He is committed to working with a solid evidence-based and systematic approach to solving solutions that consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for clients.


Our clients come to us for a range of reasons:

They may be looking for some professional learning to inspire their teams. They have a problem to solve and need an outsider to help them navigate their way towards a solution

They want to assess the effectiveness of their team

They desire a mentor or coach to help accelerate the skills of their team members

They need assistance to roll out an initiative

They want to undertake an evaluation of a program or initiative

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