What am I meant to be reflecting on, and when am I meant to do it?

Presented by Philip Butler


This webinar serves as an introduction to the reflective practice cycle.

We will consider our practice and ask: What are we meant to be reflecting on?

What are the documentation requirements for our reflections?

How do our reflections lead to deeper understandings around our beliefs and practices?  

For too long our reflective musings have been seen as an ‘add-on’ to what we do, or something that teams tend to put off until last. We will also look at the differences between a reflection and a critical reflection, and how you can make these practices part of your continuous improvement cycle, as an individual, as well as collectively as a team.

Learning goals, to:

  • develop an awareness of the different reflective practices we engage in each day
  • know how to implement small group learning opportunities within the routine
  • understand the principles of student inquiry and the link to small group learning

Completing What am I meant to be reflecting on, and when am I meant to do it 

may contribute one-hour of PD that aligns with the NESA (NSW) criteria for Elective PD and addresses:

The Australian Professionals Standards for Teachers: APST 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

The National Quality Standard: QA1: Educational program and practice

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