Bring on the coach – coaching skills for leaders

Presented by Colin Slattery


Coaching and mentoring in early education settings are being more widely used as a tool to enhance performance and build team members' capability. During this three-part series, you will explore mentoring and coaching tools and techniques to apply in your workplace setting with your colleagues. We will discuss: Using coaching skills flexibility in any given situation; solution-focused questioning; structuring informal and formal coaching conversations.

Learning goals:

Session 1

  • Describe the difference between coaching and mentoring and other helping modalities
  • Describe the goal-setting process as it applies to coaching
  • Apply change theories to a real situation in the workplace

Session 2

  • Describe the reframing process and apply it to the workplace environment
  • Use solution focus questioning techniques in session and apply them to the workplace

Session 3

  • Describe and implement two models of coaching conversations
  • Develop a personal coaching plan

Completing Bring on the coach: coaching skills for leaders series may contribute four hours of PD that aligns with the criteria for NESA Elective PD and addresses:

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: APST 7: Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

The National Quality Standard: QA7: Leadership and governance 

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