Where’s my……….

With the popularity of webinars and other on-line methods of learning, Semann & Slattery is often asked, ‘WHERE IS MY STUFF?’ The ‘STUFF’ usually consists of:

  • Certificates
  • Links to webinars
  • Think sheets – resources
  • NESA hours (for teachers registered in NSW)

Here are some tips to make sure you get your stuff delivered to the right email inbox and at the right time.

  1. Registration

We rely on you providing the correct information at registration – we ask that you double check…as:

Input of an incorrect email address will impact on you receiving your course instruction – this provides you with your webinar details and log-in; and your certificate of attendance.

Input of an incorrect name, which includes: a misspelt name, a shortened version of your name, the use of all lowercase text or another person (your director) registers using their name; will impact the details on your certificate of attendance.

  1. Semann & Slattery information to you

On registering  and completion of a webinar or course with Semann & Slattery the information you will receive includes:

  • Confirmation of registration, course instruction and course reminders
  • A certificate of attendance if applicable
  • Webinar links and think sheets where applicable
  • Course survey

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those who use the software platforms such as: hotmail, bigpond, gmail, yahoo accounts etc., it is important that you check our junk mail, held messages, promotions boxes. The name of the box may vary, but it’s important to check every folder in case your expected information has been sent there.

  1. Verified attendance live webinar

We verify attendance at face to face workshops via sign-in sheets. Similarly, we verify your participation (attendance) in a webinar when you log-in. The webinar platform records the time you log-in and the time you log-out. As a result, we are able to verify the duration of your attendance. Course duration can range from one to six hours, or multiple hours over multiple sessions. This means you need to log-in using the webinar link provided in your course instruction, not share a log-in with a colleague – one log-in, one verification.

  1. Certificates

Certificates are an important way of demonstrating that you have attended some form of professional development activity. Certificates are only provided to those who participate in the ‘live’ webinar (verified attendance). One registration, one log-in equates to one certificate of attendance. If you log-in with a colleague using their log-in, we are unable to verify your attendance.

The rule of thumb here – if you haven’t received your certificate after 5 business days (and you’ve checked those pesky junk boxes), email us on [email protected] and we will gladly help you.

  1. Links to webinars

Everyone who registers for a one-hour webinar (webinars offered through our monthly webinar series) receives a link to a recorded version of the webinar. The link is emailed to you around 10:00am the day after the live webinar. For webinars hosted on a Friday this will be emailed on the next workday – Monday (long weekends – Tuesday). Please make sure you check the email box linked to your registration and those pesky junk folders. If you do not receive the emailed link please contact us on [email protected] and we will endeavour to assist.

  1. Think sheets – resources

Everyone who registers for a one-hour webinar (webinars offered through our monthly webinar series) will receive a think sheet. In most instances the webinar think sheet or other resources are attached to webinar link email – so, provided the next day. Our facilitators spend time painstakingly working through resources to distil the best resources for you, which we then provide in a desk-top published format. If you don’t receive all of the resources the next day, please give us a few days to make sure the resources we send you are top notch and evidence based. Again, rule of thumb – if it has been more than 5 business days (and you’ve checked those pesky junk boxes), email us on [email protected] and we will provide an update as to when the resources will be available.

  1. NESA hours

If you are a teacher in NSW, many (not all) of our courses are NESA approved. NESA approved professional development carries the NSW State logo and identifies the Australian Professional Teaching Standard.

In order to register those precious NESA hours you need to do the following:

  • Verify your attendance: if registered for a webinar you need to participate in the ‘live’ webinar (verified attendance). This means you need to log-in using the webinar link provided with your registration, not share the log-in of a colleague – one log-in one verification.
  • Complete and return the reflective piece or whatever post-session work the facilitator has asked of you. This demonstrates that you have considered the PD content, how it might impact your practice and what steps you have taken/will take to communicate your leaning to your colleagues or implement in practice.
  • We have up to 30 days to enter your hour/s into the NESA database – with over 1,000 people per month attending webinars and courses, this can take a little time. Rest assured, your hour/s will appear within 30 days of your verified attendance and completion of your assigned task/s within the stipulated

NOTE: You may choose to record the hour/s as Teacher Identified Professional Development.
For more information see below NESA website link: https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/teacher-accreditation/maintaining-accreditation/professional-development/teacher-identified-pd

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