Discovering Professional Resilience During Uncertain Times. When The Going Gets Tough….

And so the day begins.  Another day of watching and waiting for the news that could possibly set a new and unchartered direction for us all.  Every day seems to be just like the last.

Today of all days has been the end of a particularly anxious wait for our community.  Another day of uncertainty when the world as we know it is quickly spinning out of control.

Today was hard to listen to for even the most optimistic of us all.

Today was another day for our resilience – both personal and professional to be tested.

And yet it is days like today that we try to dig deeper and find that professional resilience that will enable us to face tomorrow with optimism.

‘Professional resilience is our individual capacity to thrive in demanding situations. The choices we make when responding to difficult situations and our attitude and willingness to act, demonstrate resilience.  Working together, we can support the professional resilience of our colleagues and ourselves.’ (BeYou: Seven ways to build professional resilience Dec 3, 2018)

As we have so many times throughout this pandemic, we need to reflect and reconsider the expectations that we have of both ourselves and our colleagues.  Strength and resilience are traits that we can draw upon when we most need.  And yet our strength and resilience seem to grow stronger with each new day of uncertainty.

It is times like these when we need to turn to each other.  Together we will persist in building a culture of safety and build our collective emotional strength when we are stretched to our limits.  Together, we can boost our ability to cope and enhance our collective resilience.

Through all of the challenges, we will remain optimistic and confident, because we know that how we show up in a crisis will have a significant impact on the wellbeing of others.  We will be realistic and face each new problem squarely. We will find the glimmer of light and share it with all.

Find your strength, maintain an awareness of your colleagues and do what you can to help others find their inner strength.  We will always be stronger when we stand together.

Today has been hard.  Tomorrow will be better.  Be kind to yourself and always remember that you are incredible.

Support can always be found:

Beyond Blue:  1800512 348

Lifeline:  13 11 14

Kids Helpline:  1800 55 1800

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