INSPIRE 2025: Early Bird Registrations Now Open

Learn with Dr Claire Warden: Explore Collaborative Practice in Early Childhood Programs

How to elevate practice and cultivate dynamic, engaging learning environments Presented by Dr Claire Warden


Join Claire Warden and delve into the heart of collaborative practice within early childhood settings. Explore the innovative concept of Floor Books, which is revolutionising how we document and reflect on children’s learning. Discover practical ways to integrate Floor Books with the EYLF V2.0 framework, enhancing documentation and assessment processes to better capture the essence of children’s learning.

Learn strategies for effective teamwork, inclusive decision-making, and fostering a culture of reflective practice within your educational setting. Immerse yourself in the relevance of nature-based pedagogy, exploring how our outdoor world can foster creativity, curiosity, and engagement among young learners, whether in natural areas or urban green spaces. Gain valuable insights into creating meaningful nature-based childhood experiences.

This workshop is perfect for educators and leaders passionate about elevating their practice and cultivating dynamic, engaging learning environments.


Innovation: Floor Books in practice — integrate floor books and the EYLF V2.0 to document children’s contributions and enhance reflective practices

Professional Growth: develop collaborative leadership skills for teamwork and inclusive decision-making—fostering a culture of reflective practice

Inspiration: Gain new insights into nature-based pedagogy, see the possibilities offered by urban green spaces for nature-based experiences


  • 03 Sep 2024
    1 day, Tue 9:00 AM ACST - Tue 4:00 PM ACST
    • $335.00 incl. GST
  • 07 Sep 2024
    1 day, Sat 9:00 AM - Sat 4:00 PM
    • $335.00 incl. GST
  • 14 Sep 2024
    1 day, Sat 9:00 AM - Sat 4:00 PM
    • $335.00 incl. GST
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