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Playing with Pedagogy: Transforming Education

Play with pedagogy—celebrate creativity, curiosity and collaboration Presented by Dr Claire Warden and Anthony Semann


‘Playing with pedagogy’ embodies an innovative approach to education that embraces creativity, exploration, and collaboration. 

In this transformative and joyful workshop, Dr Claire Warden and Anthony Semann invite you to play with pedagogy—to celebrate creativity, curiosity and collaboration. 

Step into a world where the aesthetic of nature guides our pedagogical journey—discover how the beauty and wonder of nature can profoundly shape our lives and those of the children we educate. Delve into the practical power of floor books as a tool for documenting voices to enhance reflective practices and collaborative learning. Uncover the principles of collaborative leadership—shared responsibility, teamwork, and embedding the values of social justice in our educational settings. 

By embracing the concept of ‘playing with pedagogy’ as educators, we invite playfulness, collaboration, flexibility and innovation into our pedagogical strategies, ultimately creating engaging and enriching learning experiences for all.


  • 04 Sep 2024
    1 day, Wed 9:00 AM - Wed 4:00 PM
    • $445.00 incl. GST
  • 16 Sep 2024
    1 day, Mon 9:00 AM - Mon 4:00 PM
    • $445.00 incl. GST
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