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Elevate Wellbeing – encourage pro-social behaviour, maximise learning opportunities

Presented by Beth Borowsky, The Karma Class Accredited PD Workshop - NESA, TQI, South Australia, Be You Online * Live * Interactive • Supports EYLF 2.0 learning outcomes • APST aligned


When we create calmer learning spaces… we encourage pro-social behaviours, maximise learning opportunities, and strengthen relationships. As teachers and educators, we set the tone. Daily, we create beautiful learning environments that respect a child’s right to learn, play and spend time in the outside world.  But, in setting the tone, do we consider ourselves and the multiple personalities that share our learning spaces? Do we pause in our planning to contemplate – consider wellbeing and the positive impact on ourselves and the children we work with?

This interactive and experiential webinar explores the concept of wellbeing and offers practical strategies for you to implement in your educational setting—thinking and strategies that, when embedded in the curriculum, will help to create calmer learning spaces. 

Children and educators will benefit from a greater sense of calm, focus and connection, less distraction and disruption, and enjoy the very practical and fun tools and techniques offered in this unique wellbeing program. 

What’s in the program?

THE KARMA CLASSROOM ACCREDITED WORKSHOP gives educators a versatile ‘wellbeing toolbox’ of practical techniques they can use in class or at play to help their children self-regulate — creating a calmer classroom in as little as 3 minutes.

  • MOVEMENT exercises help release muscle tension, boost mood, and reduce impulsivity.
  • BREATH​ING exercises help calm the nervous system, re-oxygenating brain and body, to improve focus and enable self-regulation.​
  • MINDFULNESS​ exercises help sharpen concentration and attention while cultivating compassion for themselves and others in the class.​

KARMA CLASSROOM ACTIVITY CARDS (a $95 value) are included with the workshop. Each pack of 82 large-size, high-quality, gender-neutral cards provide educators with a ready resource of 115 classroom activities.

COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM MANUAL that covers the principles and exercises covered in the Karma Classroom program. 

Learning outcomes

  • Create calmer classrooms in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Learn to easily weave Peace Pauses - grounded in movement + breath + mindfulness - into every day to nurture calm, focused, engaged children.
  • Use effective mood-boosting techniques at any time of the day to cultivate a positive environment and reduce classroom disruptions.
  • Support your children’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with a range of fun, easy-to-implement exercises from the Karma Classroom Activity Cards.
  • Understand the relationship between the body and mind, and its influence on learning and development.
  • Learn how good posture benefits breathing and overall health and wellbeing (especially important with today’s pervasive use of electronic devices).
  • Develop life-long tools for coping, and skills for thriving, for both educators and little learners. 

Cost includes Karma Classroom Activity Cards and a comprehensive manual.

“What a wonderfully accessible and thought-out way of working with wellbeing in any classroom! The course presented exercises that are adaptable to different developmental stages. It’s great for resetting the classroom culture and caring for educator wellbeing too. I highly recommend it!” - Elise E

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  • 11 Sep 2024
    5 hours, 30 minutes, Wed 9:30 AM AEST - Wed 3:00 PM AEST
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