The EYLF Playground with Anthony Semann and Dr Red Ruby Scarlet

Presented by Anthony Semann and Dr Red Ruby Scarlet


The EYLF Playground is a spectacular society of curious and thinking educators who want to learn about the EYLF V2.0 in a community dedicated to translating ideas into practice while engaging in rigorous conversations and provocative reflections. 

When new learning frameworks are introduced, the best way to get to know them is through learning in communities of practice. The EYLF Playground is a community of practice that combines the participants' experience and expertise into a playful discussion that we all learn in, with and from. 

Based on their new book – ‘The EYLF Play Book', Anthony Semann and Dr Red Ruby Scarlet will think with you through each chapter over nine months to bring the best out in your practice and planning. By working slowly and carefully through the EYLF V2.0 in a planned and systematic way, your knowledge and understanding of the framework will be deeply embodied and well-understood by the end of the course. 

The EYLF Playground offers a unique opportunity to meet new colleagues from across the country, listen and learn from how they put the EYLF V2.0 into practice, and be exposed to new possibilities as we dream, plan and act together.  

The EYLF Playground is suitable for all educators as the course will focus on unpacking ideas, participatory discussions and explorations of examples of practice. We know that when we put diverse people together in learning situations, they, like children, peer scaffold and bring out the best in each other's learning. So join us for this opportunity to explore and change alongside each other.

Every registrant for this course will be sent a copy of Red and Anthony’s new book, the EYLF Playbook. 

  • 19 Mar 2024
    1.5hr each month from 10:30am-12pm from Mar to Nov 24
    Session information
    Session 1
    Tue 19 Mar 10:30 AEDT - Tue 19 Mar 12:00 AEDT
    Session 2
    Mon 22 Apr 10:30 AEST - Mon 22 Apr 12:00 AEST
    Session 3
    Mon 27 May 10:30 AEST - Mon 27 May 12:00 AEST
    Session 4
    Fri 28 Jun 10:30 AEST - Fri 28 Jun 12:00 AEST
    Session 5
    Mon 29 Jul 10:30 AEST - Mon 29 Jul 12:00 AEST
    Session 6
    Thu 15 Aug 10:30 AEST - Thu 15 Aug 12:00 AEST
    Session 7
    Tue 10 Sep 10:30 AEST - Tue 10 Sep 12:00 AEST
    Session 8
    Wed 02 Oct 10:30 AEST - Wed 02 Oct 12:00 AEST
    Session 9
    Wed 06 Nov 10:30 AEDT - Wed 06 Nov 12:00 AEDT
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