Starting on the right foot, how to build relationships with children

Presented by Philip Butler


Obvious to some, common knowledge for others — the understanding that your relationships with children are the most critical part of your daily practice and key to your success as an educator. In this webinar, we will cover various strategies to assist you in cultivating, developing and maintaining meaningful reciprocal relationships with children. As was so beautifully put by Rita Parsons… ‘children don’t learn from people they don’t like’. Our programs and plans for children’s development are only as good as our knowledge of the child. Our knowledge of the child comes from the depth of relationship we have with that child. So, the deeper our relationship, the more knowledge we have, and subsequently, the richer our programming and planning. A positive adult-child relationship has a foundation of trust, understanding and caring. Positive relationships do not happen by themselves. Relationship building skills should be a part of your DNA as an educator.

Completing Starting on the right foot, how to build relationships with children may contribute one-hour of PD that aligns with the NESA (NSW) criteria for Elective PD and addresses:

The Australian Professionals Standards for Teachers: APST 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Early Years Learning Framework Learning Outcomes: Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

The National Quality Standard:  QA 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Live online events

  • 08 Feb 2024
    1 hour, Thu 11:00 AM AEDT - Thu 12:00 PM AEDT
    • $58.50 incl. GST
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