But is an emergent curriculum enough: Understanding programming and planning


What is an emergent curriculum?

What does it mean to program and plan?

What is the role of children’s interests?

Is an emergent curriculum and children’s interests enough to fuel the content of curriculum?


The ideas surrounding the importance of an emergent curriculum are not new to the early childhood sector and the relationship between an emergent curriculum, children’s interests and program planning are linked.


However, with so much focus on documentation there is often a gap here. Surely great documentation can only live off the back of great teaching and curriculum planning.  There is much confusion about what an educational program is, how links are evident in program planning and the requirements of the National Quality Standards.


In this workshop we will explore the following:

  • What is an educational program
  • How do we plan for learning
  • Is an emergent curriculum and children’s interests enough
  • How might we support the team to all be on-board with planning and determining the roles staff should play
  • How do we link observations, planning and documentation

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