May The Force Be With You: Leadership Program for 2IC’s and Room Leaders (2 Day Program)


This specifically designed two day workshop is based on the ever popular Semann and Slattery workshops…  “I’m a new Director, So where do I start?” and “Survival skills for Directors”. These now famous workshops have always been the foundation of our training calendars and we have extended them to now include the challenging role of the 2IC.

This workshop will give anyone who works in the early childhood and middle years sector the knowledge to lead both small and large teams from a position of confidence, strength and passion. Specifically aimed at building capacity in 2ICs, room and/or team leaders, this workshop will assist in developing an understanding that not all leadership needs to come from the top down.  By the end of the two day workshop, the force in you will be strong!

During these two days you will:

  • Explore what leadership is in early education settings and identify your own unique leadership style
  • Discover how your leadership influences those around you
  • Learn how to get the best out of your team
  • Understand different personality styles including your own
  • Learn how to have a difficult conversation with ease with just about anyone
  • Develop the confidence to lead yourself and others
  • Unpack the power of accountability and performance management

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